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The History of the mason food pantry

The Mason Food Pantry was established in 2002.  It originated from a small group of Grace Chapel members who wanted to reach out to our community and help others.  The pantry which started out of a small closet, was originally housed in a small house on the church campus, it was then relocated to a large office in the administrative offices and then to its current final destination which is located beside Grace Chapel Administrative offices.  The Mason Food Pantry is still an active part of Grace Chapel but is now listed under the ministry side of SSE Self Sustaining Enterprises 501c3 in order to be financially effective due to its rapid growth.  When deciding on the design of the pantry Pastor Jeff Greer wanted the pantry to feel like an authentic grocery store for all clients who would visit.   The interior was inspired by his childhood memories of the small Italian grocery store’s in his hometown of New York that gave him a warm family feeling upon entering.  Although there have been numerous people who have contributed to the Mason Food Pantry’s growth and success Gina Brown was a true asset to the Mason Food Pantry.  Under her direction, the Mason Food Pantry grew to what it is today.  From 2007-2009, the economy experienced a downward spiral.  During this time a large amount of people who once contributed to the food pantry had now temporarily become clients themselves.  Once the economy was up again those clients transitioned from clients to donors.  The Mason Food Pantry not only helps to provide food for the residents of Mason Ohio who are in need, our pantry also assists several other pantries across the Tri-state area.  The Mason Food Pantry is most proud of the involvement of our community and the trust that we have built in our schools, and local businesses.  We look forward to expanding our partnerships in the near future.