To Receive services, you must reside in the Mason School District.

Application Process for Potential Clients

  •  Proof of residency. Residency can be verified by a state issued photo ID, driver’s license, or Green Card, AND a current utility bill or piece of mail received at your current home address within the last 30 days for all household members over the age 18.

  • A Mason City School ID or current report card is needed for all school aged children.

  • A Birth certificate is acceptable for non-school aged children only.

  • If you are a Mason hotel resident, you must bring a current invoice EACH time you visit the pantry.

  • You must completely fill out and sign an application. Your signature certifies that all information you have provided is accurate and true, and that you agree to notify the Pantry immediately of any change in eligibility status (i.e. income, residency, size of household, dependent change, resolution of crisis, etc.).

  • You must renew your application every 12 months.         

  • An Eligibility to Take Food Home/ Income Certification form must be signed at each visit.